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Sunday, August 06, 2006

So I've been slacking on knitting...

Ya, World of Warcraft is eating my life. :-P But other than that, we did go hiking today. It's our first hike since our dog's last surgery and it was really nice! It was a bit overcast, so it wasn't too hot. Here are some pictures from today.

I'm still working on a fair isle/Dale of Norway sweater for Luc and a feather and fan wrap for me. But it's slow going... sometimes I knit while in flight in WoW. How sad is that? Maybe I'll get a good screenshot of my WoW character and post a picture of him. :-P

My LYS moved to a different part of town and I'm kinda sad! It was so close to my apartment before. It's not that much farther, but it was only like 7 minutes away before. Now it'll be 15-20 minutes! LOL I helped pack up the store on Friday and we had so much fun! I meant to bring my camera to post some pictures, but of course I forgot.

Oh! I saw Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest last week. OMG! Can I just say how much I love Johnny Depp? That man is gorgeous! Never mind Orlando Bloom.... the Keira Knightley character needs to go for Johnny!!! I'm trying to persuade some of my knitting buddies to go see it so I can see it again. This time I know the story so I can drool away to my heart's content. LMAO

Well, I'm off to play WoW for a bit and maybe knit some later on!


  • At 1:38 PM, Blogger sara_jayne said…

    I loved the new Pirates movie too - I didn't want it to end! My husband loves World of Warcraft SO much - it means lots of time for knitting for me while he is playing! I'm glad Colorado is doing better after his surgery(s!)!


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