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Monday, May 15, 2006

Green Gable - FO!

I finished my Green Gable top yesterday afternoon. This is it after blocking. I love it!
Before blocking, I wasn't too sure I liked it... and then I read on the Green Gable KAL (which I didn't join, by the way. :-( ) that some people's sweater stretched while blocking. Luckily, mine didn't. If anything, the stitches are a bit tighter, which is fine with me. If I make another one, I might just go for the medium or add another couple rows of waist shaping to the large. In any case, I think it turned out great and it's something I'll definitely wear.

I'm really happy and a little sad today... LOL Confusing, huh? I'm really happy because we had an orthopedic surgeon appt and a physical therapy appt for Colorado (our dog) today. Both of them don't want to see us anymore! That's a good thing, believe me, after everything we've been through, but these people have been so good to us, it feels like we are losing friends. But, they would love for us to just stop by to say hi without having to have to an appt. Dr. Bauer is really happy with Colorado's knee, even though he's still limps a little and still has some inflammation in the knee. If he's happy, then I'm happy too! We can go back to normal activity now. Yippee! Yesterday, we actually did our first short hike with him up to the Stratton Lower Reservoir and he did really, really well! We spent about an hour and a half on the trails and he didn't have any more lameness than he normally does after walks. He even played and spashed in the water (yes, the city does allow dogs to swim in the reservoir!).

My mom still hasn't received her Mother's Day Package (see previous post), but she will tomorrow. I'm excited to hear her reaction when she opens it. :-) I'm currently working on some basic socks for me and a cardigan for my grandma's birthday. I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Wysteria. Beautiful color!

I'll update tomorrow after my mom gets all her goodies! Posted by Picasa


  • At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Susan said…

    oooooooh, pretty! Well done! Please wear it to the shop so we can see it, ok?

    And that is wonderful news about Colorado! Woof

  • At 9:05 AM, Blogger Meredith said…

    Very cute! Makes me want to get moving on mine.

  • At 9:20 AM, Blogger sara_jayne said…

    The finished product is marvelous! It looks wonderful on you - I'm glad you liked the final product!

    I love that cardigan pattern for your Grandma and the color sounds lovely!

    I'm so thrilled that Colorado can do as he pleases now! I can understand the sadness but now he can play! Skeeter still isn't using his leg yet but he did a full flight of stairs on his own yesterday. I talked to the Dr. at 6 weeks and she said not to worry and call at 10 weeks if he still isn't using it - it will be 8 on Friday :( He is running, playing and swimming though!

  • At 7:36 PM, Blogger Sharon G. said…

    Very pretty! That color looks fab on you, too!


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