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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Some recent and not so recent knitting FOs

I've realized that I haven't posted a lot of my finished knitting projects! So hope you guys like pictures! ;-)

This is my first pair of socks. Made from KnitPicks Simple Stripes in Storm and I followed Silver's Sock Tutorial. If you've never made socks on DPNs before, this awesome tutorial is the way to go! I wear these socks all the time and absolutely adore them!

This is a sweater in some novelty yarn I picked up at Hobby Lobby. It wasn't easy to work with, but the fuzziness hid the mistakes. ;-) I made the sweater for my mom who loves things like that! Yes, she is very tiny! Too bad I didn't inherit that from her. I didn't really use a pattern... I kinda winged it after looking at several short-sleeved sweater patterns.

Here's our clogs! I love these things! My husband and I wear them all the time. I used the Fiber Trends felted clogs pattern (sorry, don't have a link, but the pattern is not available online) and Lamb's Pride Worsted (bought from my favorite LYS, Knitter's Kove). I find that I actually like the way the clogs turn out when they are made too big (even bigger than normal felted items) because the felted fabric turns out a lot stronger! My husband's were really really big before felting and his are much sturdier than mine. (See the dog's paws in the picture? He did that on his own... he has to be a part of everything!)

Ok, only one more picture for this post... I'll see if I can take pictures and post them later. This is a Hermione Cable-and-Bobble hat (not a free pattern... it's $5.00 for a pdf). I actually made this hat to help someone from the Knitting Help Forum figure something out! I used some cheapo acrylic, but I really like the way hat looks, and I think I'm going to make one from Cascade 220 soon!

Hope I didn't bore anyone with some of my knitted projects! ;-) I'm excited to say that I'll be going on the field trip to the Brown Sheep Mill in Mitchell, NE on April 25 with my knitting group! It looks to be a really fun trip! Let's hope for good weather and fun times!


  • At 12:37 AM, Anonymous Farrah said…

    I went to the sock tutorial, and you're right it does rock!!!! I am sure I will use it when I am knitting my first socks in a few weeks. I may even just do that pattern for my first pair. Thanks!


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