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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Socks, Socks, and more Socks!

I'm still working on my husband's socks. I think I'll be done with the second sock either really late tonight or tomorrow, if I get tired. ;-) Yesterday at knitting group, I cast on for another pair of socks for me using my newly acquired Lorna's Laces! So beautiful! I will post pictures tomorrow.

So what have I been up to? Well, let's see... We ended up going to the vet on Friday, instead of Monday, because my dog was limping really bad. Guess what?? The x-rays were good! We don't know why he was (and still is at times) limping badly, but he checks out pretty well, according to Dr. Bauer, so that made my day. We think it has something to do with his leg being immobilized for 7 - 8 weeks. He probably strained something that hasn't been used in two months. His ankle was swollen for awhile, but it's gone down and seems to be better.

As if that weren't enough to be an awesome day... I went to lunch at Culver's with Farrah and had walleye! YUM!!!! I haven't had fried fish in ages and it was delicious! Thanks for introducing me to Culver's, Farrah! ;-) Then, we hit up 3 LYS (that's how I got my Lorna's Laces). It was a really fun day!

Since then, things have been going pretty well. The weather's been great today and we got (on dr's orders!) to take Colorado for longer walks, which we all enjoyed. Tomorrow, I will call the doggie physical therapist for an evaluation. He walks really, really well when he's outside, but he seems to hesitate when he's indoors. Weird... Some of it must be psychological. Sometimes, he forgets and walks normally (well, almost since he does have a slight limp) indoors too. He's a truly a funny doggie, but we love him to death.

Hope everyone had a great Easter! I'll update tomorrow with some pictures of Luc's socks and the luscious Lorna's Laces.


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