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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Felting Frenzy...

Hi all,

Well, since my last update, I've been on the wonderful "field trip" to the Brown Sheep mill. That was sooooooooooo much fun! Farrah told me about Sea-Bands for motion sickness and they worked so well, I was able to knit on the whole bus trip and never felt sick! I usually can't even glance at a map in my lap when I'm in a moving vehicle!

We got a chance to buy Brown Sheep "seconds" (dye lots that are off, etc) at excellent prices (some way over 50% off the retail price!), and I managed to stay well under $100! I was proud of myself.

Other than that, I've been felting away! I need to finish 6 felted lambs to ship to my mom. I have 1.5 more to go. I also finished a booga bag this week. It's now being used as my purse. I love it! I'm also trying to finish my Lorna's Laces socks. Today at knitting group, I broke out my brand new Addis and transferred the sock to the Addis. I've slipped a couple more stitches than normal, but I really like knitting on them so far. I can't wait to get to the non-cabled part of the sock so I can really see how fast the Addis are! I'll post pics in a few days of all my recently completed projects.

In doggie news, Colorado is slowly improving each day. He's still pretty stiff when he first gets up after laying down for a nap, but usually works it out within a couple minutes of hopping on 3 legs. He's less tired at the end of his longer walks now too, so that's good. His good knee occasionally luxates, but so far it's been holding it's own, thank goodness!

Well, I better finish this update and go watch my DVR'ed Poirots from last week! I keep falling asleep on the couch so we're way behind on watching the shows recorded last weekend!


  • At 9:32 AM, Blogger sara_jayne said…

    We both have "three-legged" dogs! I'm glad to hear that Colorado is doing so well. Skeeter is about 5 weeks out of surgery now. He's not using his leg much yet :( I wish he would. He is getting around great - he runs and jumps at the park all the time but he won't use the leg yet. The vet didn't say anything about physical therapy but if he doesn't start using it soon I'll be calling! Once it warms up a bit I do plan on taking him swimming - that might help him a little bit!

    I love those felted lambs you are making - those are so adorable - and I love the little bell you added - too cute!

  • At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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