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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Felted Clogs - Before and After

I finished my mom's felted clogs! They are my 3rd pair of clogs and I love the pattern (from Fiber Trends). Here they are before and after felting:

They always crack me up before felting since they are sooooooooo huge! I love the way they turned out, though. They are drying on the patio in the warm afternoon sun right now. I also finished another Hermione hat also to send to my mom. It's made with Lamb's Pride Worsted leftover from my own clogs.

Well, my dog broke his splint yesterday, but when I called the vet to see if we could bring him in for a replacement, they told us to cut it off and come in next week for an appointment with the dr. and more x-rays. Boy was that SCARY! His leg has been immobilized for 7 weeks and he's so used to splint that it took him about an hour before he'd even put his foot down. His poor foot had been squished into an unnatural position and I'm sure it hurt to spread his toes! He's been using his leg a little bit more as time goes by, but he's not bearing full weight on it. And it's soooooooooooo skinny compared to the other leg. All the muscles have atrophied and now he needs to really regain some strength. I have a feeling that if we don't have to have another surgery, we might be starting physical therapy after next week's appointment. I really hope he's on the road to recovery and not on the way to yet another surgery...


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