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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Found a knitting group in the Springs!

I was visiting one of my LYS's here in Colorado Springs yesterday and found out they have a very loud and rowdy knitting group every Wednesday morning! So I'm going to go next Thursday. Too bad I didn't find out last week! LOL I'm excited about getting to meet fellow knitters.

I'm still battling horrific anxiety. My husband and I submitted an application for health insurance and we are waiting for it to be approved and then I might be able to get some professional help, although from the research I've done, it seems like anxiety like mine is best helped by helping myself. Some days are better than others, but it doesn't take much to set off the anxiety reaction. For example, I thought I saw Colorado limping on his good leg (he does have a luxating patella in that knee too, but it's never posed a problem) and I FREAKED out. Thankfully, I had some car insurance crud to deal with and it took the edge off my freak out. It's that kind of reaction that upsets, annoys and makes me angry all at once. I need to figure out how to stop that kind of reaction, whether it be prescription drugs or something else. Thankfully, I have a really understanding husband who really does try to help me.

He has a lot more reason to be anxious than me... It's a very long story (and the spacebar on my keyboard is broken, so it's making typing very hard), but to make it short. His mom has early onset Alzheimer's and lives in France in a nursing home. She has been on the decline for several years and she is only in her 60s. It must be soooo hard on him, but he's always been there for me, even though my problems are minor compared to his. I'm soooooooooooo very fortunate to have him! Besides, he doesn't mind when I go to the LYS and come back with a bagful of yarn! ;-)

In other news, I think I'll be done with the right front panel on Starsky today and hopefully start the sleeves. Woohooo! Exciting stuff! If I work my butt off, I may be able to wear the sweater to the knitting group next Wednesday. I think I might take socks to the knitting group b/c they are so easy and won't require me to keep counting, ya know?


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