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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

First knitting group meeting!

I went to my first ever knitting group meeting today and had a blast! It was so much fun to sit and knit and chat with other knitters. I'll definitely be going back. I met some really cool people and hope to see them again soon.

I'm actually going to try and stop by on Saturday afternoon since one of the ladies wants to see my Starsky cardigan. Hey! Maybe I can get it done by then... I'll be knitting like mad, but I might be able to do it. I have the back, right and left front panels and one and almost a half of the second sleeve done. Think I can do it??

As far as doggie news, I am very pleased to report that there isn't any more bad news so far! He seems to be getting around just fine on his splint. He uses his leg really well and his left (good) leg hasn't been giving him any problems. For the most part, he's really happy! He does have some periods of minor anxiety that's caused (I think) from not getting enough exercise, but we know how to deal with him now and he doesn't go into panic mode anymore.

Since this is not his blog, I will not overstep my bounds and talk about things other than me, but I would like to mention that my husband's mom is not doing very well, so if you know us, please do keep them in your thoughts (or even if you don't know us... :-) ).

Well, other than mentioning that my hubby made the most delicious dinner of crepes last night, I don't have much else. The weather was nice today, but it looks like we might get a thunderstorm or two this evening. The end of the week looks to be nice though. Too bad we can't get out and get a hike in, but hopefully soon! Crossing my fingers!

If I do manage to get the Starsky cardigan done, I will be posting pics.


  • At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Farrah said…

    Hey Stephanie!!! Like the Blog!!!! I am so glad you liked open knitting. I go saturdays too, so maybe I'll see you there???


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