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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Doggie troubles...

So our wonderful little doggie woke us up ultra early... I caught up on my knitting forum and figured I might as well do a quick update and explain about our dog, Colorado.

We absolutely love him to bits, but he can be a handful. Unbeknownst to us, he has a condition known as luxating patellas (slipping kneecaps). Both of his knees are affected, but only the right one has shown any symptoms. The symptoms first appeared one day back in January (seems like a lifetime ago) when he was playing with another dog from our apartment complex, Dusty. We really didn't think much of it at the time. He limped for a few minutes and then went on as if nothing was wrong. This continued to happen a couple times a day for about two weeks, before we took him to a new vet (we had just moved to Colorado Springs the month before). She "thought" it was a torn ACL and put him on "rest" for two weeks.

I knew it wasn't a torn anything! How could it be when he was fine most of the time and would experience periods of acute limping? So I researched it online after visiting the vet and it really sounded like a luxating patella to me. So during one of his limping episodes, I ran a hand down his leg and I could actually feel something POP back in. So back to the vet we went for x-rays, only she sedates dogs to do x-rays. That should've been my first clue that she was horrific vet. Well, she sedated him, but ended up not doing x-rays since she said she could feel that it was a luxating patella (I had told her that's what I thought it was a long time ago). Whatever, lady.... The only good thing she ever did was refer us to an orthopedic surgeon here in town.

To make a long story short, we met with the surgeon. He confirmed the luxating patella diagnosis, told us that it affected both knees, but only the right one was of any concern. He went over our options and we decided on surgery. Surgery went very well, but as soon as we brought him home, we began to notice fearfulness where he hadn't been fearful at all before. Unfortunately, we did not handle things well and as a result he ended up completely tearing his patellar tendon during one of the fearful episodes. What an absolute blow! I was devastated... I do believe the surgeon was more concerned for me than for Colorado. We had no choice but to go for a second surgery so that the surgeon could see what was going on and attempt a repair.

That was 3.5 weeks ago and we think he's on the mend. We have an appointment on Monday to see the surgeon and maybe get a bandage and splint change. I'm really hoping that he'll get the splint off and be able to use his leg normally, but we also don't want to rush the healing process...

He was feeling better two weeks ago and we decided to "walk" him. Boy was that a mistake... He spent a good few days not walking at all, while I freaked out that his surgery had been ruined and he had torn the repair. He's back to walking now, and I'm glad! We just try to keep him calm and not too rambunctious, but unfortunately that's why he doesn't sleep very well at night or wakes up ultra early. UGH!

Anyway, I believe it's breakfast time and then maybe I'll get some knitting done before taking a nap.


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