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Monday, March 20, 2006

Dog Surgery Update

Well, I've kinda waited until the news sunk in before posting today, since I have been known to over-react... ;-)

We visited the vet this morning in horrible weather. The roads were so icy and horrific! Even the I-25 was icy! Well, anyway, Dr. Bauer was really impressed with the way Colorado uses his leg (even without the splint), but unfortunately the x-rays don't look so good. It seems something has stretched in his knee, which isn't good. One of the supporting wires has also broken, but that doesn't matter (it usually breaks anyway) and it can come out at a later date. The real problem is that the patella is riding higher than it did post-op. But he's walking on it and using it, so the dr isn't too worried. But, boy do I wish things looked better on the x-ray (and so does the dr). But, he's still using the leg really well and now that the splint has been changed, I hope his toe sore can heal. I'm going to focus on that. As the dr said, who cares if his patella rides high, as long as he can walk and get around normally, right?

We have the splint on for another month which is also not what we wanted to hear, but if it keeps him from needing another surgery (other than the one to take the broken wire out), then it's worth it.

One other thing with the doggie is that he's fearful of noises again. He's been this way before and last time he was also afraid of us (which is when he tore the tendon). This time he sticks to us like glue when he's scared. It started last night when someone set off a firecracker and has continued off and on. It's not too bad, but I hope it passes soon. It think that his lack of exercise contributes to a higher anxiety level, but unfortunately that cannot be helped.

I'm desperately looking for a knitting group or class I can take just to get my mind off the dog. I need something to distract me from obsessing over him. I know it's not healthy. I'm hoping to get involved with something like that soon. I think it would be good for my mental state! ;-) Otherwise, *gasp* I'll have to consider getting a job! Oh, the horror!


  • At 12:15 AM, Anonymous Andrea said…

    Good luck Stephanie...and I'm adding your blog to my favorites!!


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